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LNHS hosts 2009 Division Federation SSG Organizational Meeting
      Ligao National High school hosted the Division Federation SSG Organizational Meeting on March 4,
2009. This was held at the Audio Visual room and started at 1:30 in the afternoon. Said activity was
participated by twelve SSG Advisers from the public and private school in the division and forty-eight SSG
officers composed of the SSG president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

       Registration started at 1:00 in the afternoon. LNHS SSG officers took charge of the special committee
in the conduct of the said event. The program began with a prayer and the pambansang awit. The welcome
remark was given by the Division MKB Coordinator, Mr. Jovito Oriola. This was followed by the presentation
of the SSG officers by school done by the respective SSG Advisers. To facilitate the conduct of the election
an orientation on the mechanics of the SSG Election was delivered by the SSG Adviser of the host school,
Mrs. Ma. Leilani R. Lorico. Participants were mesmerized with the song number rendered by Nikki Muñoz,
LNHS SPA student.

       Mechanics of the election was patterned after the National Federation SSG Election. All, SSG
Presidents were convened in one area. They introduced themselves and voted for president who shall be
the candidates for the division election. The two SSG Presidents who had the highest votes shall be
declared as the candidates for the said position. Based on the result, Joshua Mandy Escopete of LNHS and
Joselle Bañares were the candidates for president. Students were grouped into two. Presidents and
secretaries composed group 1 with Joshua Mandy Escopete as their president while the Vice President and
the treasurer were part of group 2 under Allyssa Joselle Bañares.

       Candidates to the election were given twenty minutes preparation for the Miting de Avance. Candidates
for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, P.I.O. and Peace Officer were given three minutes to
deliver their speeches while the presidential candidates were given five minutes to introduce themselves
and laid down their platforms of government.

        Miting de Avance revealed that the young leaders were good in public speaking. They delivered their
speeches like the prominent officials of the country. Each party showcased also a production number which
entertained the audience.

        Election was held after the campaign. Listed below is the roster of the Division Federation SSG
                      President: Joshua Mandy Escopete                (LNHS)
                      Vice President: Kathyrine Mae Espinas          (Paulba NHS)
                      Secretary: Yasmin Jane Polidario                   (LNHS)
                      Treasurer: Rhoda Peñafiel                             (Don Diogracia MHS)
                      Auditor: Nikki Valencia                                    (MIST)
                      P.I.O.: Toni Rose Nebres                                (LNHS)
                      Peace Officer: Larry Orcio                              (Bacong NHS)

       The oath taking ceremony of the newly elected Division SSG officers was led by Mr. Jovito Oriola.
          Ma. Leilani R. Lorico

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